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Order Assistant


The assistant is a dynamic and intuitive tool that will guide you in the process of placing an order.

We thought it was better to provide a tool to simplify the selection and ordering process due to the multiple customisation options and variety of sofas we offer to our clients. The assistant also helps our clients to order easily and clearly.

We have chosen a tree type structure with different levels in which the client has to select in a simple way the different options -branches- that the application presents. By just pressing the desired button, the system will show new options to select. When all the required information is completed, the “Accept Selection” button will appear and the selection will be completed.

Each option shown on the screen matches with an intern code that modifies the fabrication route. That is why the non-permitted choices will not be shown on the assistant -to avoid possible mistakes on the process. Until the required information is not completed, the programme will not let us finish the order.



pantalla 1
pantalla 2


You have to choose the language and the desired collection.


ayudaThis symbol appears on the screen during all the order process, when pushed, it will show you the correct directions.


This screen shows all the available models, the chosen one will appear in the main screen. At the same time, in the top of the screen, new buttons will be activated to enter to the piece and fabric catalogue. There is also a direct access to the reduced fabrics and compositions (*)

(*)COMBINAFÁCIL are suggested compositions that can be matched with reduced fabrics. Moreover, these compositions can include any of the other shown options with especially attractive prices.



On this screen, you have to choose all the sofa pieces, units... of your order. To help and make the selection easier, you have different filters and boxes with information about the shadowed pieces that can be easily added or deleted with a click in the right part where the definitive selection is shown.

Press the NEXT button to go to the next screen.

Pantalla 3
Pantalla 4


Through this screen, you can access to the option selection by pressing the buttons on the left side and following and completing the instructions.

Each chosen option is applied automatically to the rest of pieces to avoid the repetition of the process in each one.

Maybe, when trespassing the option to the right, it is not available for some pieces. In this case, the warning sign will appear to help you select again in the same icon box.

Changes can be done during all the process with just clicking in the box you want to modify.

Pantalla 5

If you press the buttons on the previous screen all the options will appear. The first one will be the “standard” proposal, that you can easily choose if you do not want to modify anything. With this option, you can complete the order in nearly 30 seconds.

Otherwise, if you want to modify it, you will have to look at the proposed suggestions in “Other Available Options”. In the right side, new icons will appear that will provide you extra information about the options with just a simple click.

The assistant will indicate you with a change in the intensity of the light of the buttons the options that are not available.

You will have to complete the required options and levels until the button “Accept Selection” in the lower-right part of the screen lights up.

Last screen

After the fabric selection, you will notice that we have another useful and easy tool that will help you visualize the result of the selected model with the different available fabrics: the DECORADOR VIRTUAL 3D. In this link, you have access to the rest of the models and fabrics available in our website.

GO to Virtual Decorator

Pantalla 6


Finally, with all the options completed, the “To accept” button will light up. If you click on it, all the information will be recorded as an estimate and you can use this process as a help guide.

With another click, you can send it to our data base where it will stay registered as soon as you receive a “order reception confirmation”.


In this link you can ask for the order assistant ASK FOR ORDER ASSISSTANT



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